Whether you drive (run) a Mini, Commodore, Falcon or a Ferrari or something else completely different – we provide our drivers with AWESOME service and customise our service to each specific vehicle (business).

We provide a one stop Value for Money Workshop with tools and experience that will enable us to Service, Tune, Correct, Rebuild, Customize, Rework, Respray, Transform and Tweak any business. To enable the driver(owner) of this vehicle(business) to achieve a relaxed, more comfortable, enjoyable drive with higher performance, power and torque than before.


We will take you through a detailed diagnosis of your vehicle and you the driver by going through our needs analysis. We will listen to your frustrations about your vehicle and life in general as a small business owners, business is very much their life. We will assist you with eliminating or limiting these frustrations. At the end of this appointment, we will have the information needed to provide you with a FREE WRITTEN QUOTE (within 48 hours of your appointment).

We assist our drivers to change their day to day race around their business’ version of Mount Panorama into more of a straight ¼ mile drag strip with less curves and steep uphill climbs.



Just like your car has a regular service – a business will as well by you doing bookkeeping for the business on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. And in the process of completing the bookkeeping you will be looking out for items that have for instance, increased in price, or you will have a look at the accounts receivable to check if they are being collected in a timely way. These are only a couple of items to be looked at, but there are a number of other items to be looked at when you complete your regular servicing visit.


Just like a tune up for your car it occurs on a less regular basis than a service. A tune up would normally occur when you complete a set of management accounts for a client – on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis – where you review the results as against last year, budget or industry norms and discuss the results with your client for improvements that are needed in the business as well as items which have improved during this period.


When there has been an issue in the business – just like when your car breaks down – it needs to be fixed and improved so that this does not occur again if possible. Items such as: Human Resources issues, Stock Control, Accounts Receivable collection and Marketing issues etc.


Is where there has been a major issue within the business – such as a cash flow crisis or a large debtor gone bad or an insurance disaster type of issue. This is where you assist with the rebuilding of the business so it can cope with this major issue and move forward and recreate the business, hopefully stronger and with systems in place to prevent this reccurrence if possible.


This is like when someone would change his or her vehicle to make it look better, serve another purpose or enable it to perform at a much higher level. This can be done with businesses – when they may be changing their advertising concepts, changing their internal or external structure, taking on or releasing an arm of their business or preparing for sale of their business.


This is where you would look at their systems of how things are done in the business and to improve the service standards, reduce wastage, improve the way the business is run, to enable the business owner to gain their “life” back etc. As quite often business owners are stuck in their way of doing something, as they have done it that way for years – and while this was good when the business was small as the business grows – it needs to be more turn key.


This is where a business just needs a new image or to be nice and shiny and clean for a potential sale or a new loan or for a business award. It is as it says giving it a new paint job. It can even go deeper by updating the image of the business and coming up with new marketing concepts – to get the customers coming through the door of their business.


This would be like when someone changes a rust bucket collectors item type of car they found in a paddock somewhere into the actual collectors item car – by rebuilding it – after stripping it right down, re painting it, getting new parts for it etc – in other words a complete rebuild. This would be when the business is run down or when it needs to be updated or to take a completely different direction. It is like the business is morphing from something that looks like it is close to going on the scrap heap to something that is shiny and new and full of life again.


This is when items within in the business just need a little adjustment. Like when the duco on a car is looking dull and you put your car into a panel beater – to get the little scratches, chips and dents fixed and get it rebuffed. In other words it just needs some TLC, and some new eyes so to speak looking at the business from a different angle.

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