Business Mechanic will provide a one stop Value for Money Workshop with tools and experience that will enable it to Service, Tune, Correct, Rebuild, Customise, Rework, Respray, Transform and Tweak any business. To enable the owner/driver of this vehicle to achieve a relaxed, more comfortable, enjoyable drive with higher performance, power and torque than before. We will even provide driver education to mentor and coach the driver through their day to day race around their businesses version of Mount Panorama so that it becomes more like a straight 1/4 mile drag strip with less curves and steep uphill climbs.


Business Mechanic provides AWESOME service to all our drivers whether they are driving a Mini, Commodore or a Ferrari. We provide a written quote for all work undertaken prior to commencement so that you will know what your service cost will be in advance. Business Mechanic will come to you to complete the work or we can pick up and deliver back once the work is completed.


We will discuss the needs of the driver by completing a detailed needs analysis which will assist in highlighting the needs of both the driver and the vehicle as the driver needs to be focused on whether the business will allow the driver to get to the destination with time to stop and look at the sights along the way.


The driver/owner will look upon the Business Mechanic as their Pitt Crew and an integral cog in their racing team providing diagnostics, support, information, tactics, planning etc. Whatever the driver needs to assist him or her on their journey.


When your business needs tuning or a service call the BUSINESS MECHANIC.... where Service and Value are No.1!