Dale Rankmore - Crew Chief/Founder/CEO

Professional Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Financial Administration

Over 20 years experience in accounting, bookkeeping, business management, marketing & human resources – and over 40 years of being a petrol head! – Laugh!!

The first 6 years of my working life, was spent in Chartered Accountants’ offices completing such tasks as bookkeeping for small business tax returns, auditing, debt collecting, company secretarial and general administration. During this time I completed my Bachelor of Financial Administration externally through University of New England.

Since then, I have worked in various private enterprise positions:

  • Resort Accountant at Pelican Shores Resort (now Sails Resort) – my position entailed running the Accounts/Human Resources Department for the 83 room, 4 ½ star resort (incl. 150 seat restaurant & conference facilities)
  • Financial Controller – Australian Branch – Citta Tochi Sistema Co Limited, a Japanese company that purchased the resort.
  • Assistant General Manager – which entailed Second In Charge/Relief General Manager duties combined with Financial Controller duties which were the same as before with the external audit.
  • Operations Manager for the group – they had purchased another hotel in Bunbury Western Australia.
  • I studied 3 years of the E-Myth Mastery Course (Michael Gerber) with Ted Bonel of Essential Business Solutions. I implemented a lot of the E myth principles and systems at Sails Resort – this is still something I use in my current business for myself & it is one of my tools I use for my clients.
  • Owned a butcher’s shop (whilst I was Operations Manager at Sails Resort – this was where the concept of Business Mechanic was born as I realised that my business management/accounting/marketing/human resource skills that I had developed over the years can be just as easily applied to a small business and it made me think about the business owners that don’t have these skills or the time to manage their business and their life.

On 30th November 2003, I left Sails Resort and Business Mechanic was born. I was able to combine my experience & formal qualifications in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business Management, Marketing & Human Resources, my AWESOME service skills from hospitality, and my love of cars, motor racing in my business of Business Mechanic. I started this business with no clients and it has grown over the last 5 ½ years to almost 70 clients.

It has always been my intention to franchise Business Mechanic. During 2009 it has actually become a reality – from September, 2009 I will be selling franchises……..the next stage of the growth of Business Mechanic has commenced.