Life Frustrations
I don't have enough time to with family, friends or on things I like to do.
My whole life is controlled by my business.
I am losing my zest for the business.
I need a break from the business.
Management Frustrations
I am the only one who knows how to do the work.
My people don't dd the work the way I want them to.
If you want the job done well you do it yourself, even though you have staff who can do it.
I am repeatedly telling my staff the same things over and over again.
Finance Frustrations
I don't have enough money.
My customers don't pay their bills on time.
I never know where I stand financially.
I HATE book work.
I don't get my bills out early enough.
My suppliers are always hassling me for money.
Marketing Frustrations
I don't know how to get more customers.
My people don't know what to say to customers.
I don't know how to advertise.
I'm not sure if the advertising that I am doing is working.
Operations Frustrations
My people make too many mistakes.
I'm the only one who can do estimating/pricing.
My paperwork is always getting lost (I have too much).
I don't have time to schedule work for staff efficiently.
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